Thursday, February 07, 2008

What I do of a Day

My life is not the glamor filled orgy of fun and romance many think it is, what with being an arteest and all. Oh no. Sure it's fun to create ironwork that will grace and adorn our clients homes. The satisfaction of seeing them happy, or even elated over the finished work. I enjoy the creative aspects of being a blacksmith, but when you get right down to it, it's work. Like any other job, trade or such. There are days when the work is hard, fussy, dirty, annoying or just a plain old pain the ass. Did I mention tediously repetetive?
Then there is the on going tendonitis in my shoulder, the tendonitis in my elbow, and the cold concrete floor that turns my feet into ice blocks. Until oh, June.
The above pic is of Me self grinding away on welds for the tree project. They first part of the panels have already been installed, they turned out wonderfully, but there are so many steps involved in their production it's easy for me, with the short attention span, to be done with them in my mind. Really done , as in "Please No more trees! Can't I move on to the next project now? I swear I'll be good!!!"
Still, Iam working as an artist and for that Iam grateful. Although it would be nice to be a glamourous movie star, heck, I'd take independently wealthy eccentric who travels alot! that'd be fine too.
Back to the trees....