Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Balcony Railing

Here Iam cutting out 200 leaves from 1x1 angle iron...this took one day. 8am until 5pmish..With breaks for tea, pee and stretching my back.
Nice boots huh?

Here is what they look like "raw", after they were cut out I took 4 hours to grind them clean of slag. Iam currently having a coffee break from forging/shaping them.They will then need to be welded to their pre-forged branches, and put onto this=
Yes, that IS Aragorn and Arwen..watching over the process..the balcony does look like it's for Rivendel...it's not, just a nice house where its headed.

It's honkin huge.

There is a deadline looming that I won't meet, and Iam dreading the fallout. It will be gorgeous, but once again many things conspired to delay this project..Most of which are my fault, either my back pain or chronic depression, inability to use time wisely, ADHD, family shit, or all in combination..More later when it's done. Coffee break over..