Monday, December 12, 2011

Yuletide Comes..

The Giant Tree

We held our Yule celebration over the weekend, friends came by for feasting, drinking, and good cheer. To decorate we went out to a local tree farm to get a $5.00 Douglas Fir. These trees were so cheap due to their being slated for clearing, as the farmer wants to replant these 5 acres in hops. Always a good thing in my beer loving mind. So, the Hubby wielding the mighty Husquavarna, laid low this fine tree, and we brought home. Not only did it provide the tree for inside our home, BUT the limbs were used to decorate the pole barn for the party. All for 5bucks. Not bad!
The gathering was awesome, Iam still culling pics to post, but today isn't so awesome.
My lower back degenerative disc/arthritis hell is flaring up..and I feel miserable. So Iam feeling bummed out today. Trying to not slip into the death spiral pity party of regret, but it isn't easy.
You see, my choice of career isn't helping my back, having an artsy job with no health insurance, or really, much of an income sucks. alot. At 46 Iam faced with starting over..but how?