Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yuletide joys

Scrumptious little, cream filled, bovine shaped Swiss chocolate joy
Is it wrong of me to love my Milka Advent calendar so much?I know they are meant to be spiritual aids, counting down and celebrating the lead up to the big event..
- But who decided that the days leading up to the Nativity would be even better if chocolates were somehow involved? I would like to thank them.
Our local German deli, the Edelweiss, begins stocking all of it's Frohe Weinacht treats in mid November. So if there is some little marzipan succulent, or imported chocolate treat that you can not live without for the Holidays (Like the above Advent calendar) then you better get your buns on down there toot sweet. I don't care if you still have Halloween candy languishing about, it's time to shop for Yule! -Lest ye be sorry, and it's all the goodies are snapped up by smart Grandmothers who shop months in advance..

So we wandered in last year, to Edelweiss, for a nice bratwurst mit kraut und bier, when lo! The shipment of Christmas goodies had arrived, and was being stocked onto the shelves...
Lebkuchen, stollens from Dresden, plump little marzipan piggies just asking for me to bite their heads off..Well it's good luck to do that in't it?
Then I saw them= The Milka brand Advent calendars. I know, I know Milka is owned by Kraft. But I did not know they were part of a huge meg-industrial food company when I bought it. I just knew I loved the fun little cartoon art, of happy villagers in the town square of their Alpine village. There were smiling animals decorating trees, horses pulling a sleigh...St. Nicholas bringing gifts to the children..an angel drinking hot cocoa...it was darling..

However, the best part was the amazing chocolates! Each one a detailed little sculpture. A realistic violin, a horse so cute I almost did not eat him. Okay, first I took it out to the smithy to show the Hubbinator. We duly admired the detail of the mold they used, noted it's cockle warming cuteness and then we ate him. Lovely and delicious.
So, I made sure to get ahold of one of these again, and Lo! they did arrive mid November. I snatched one up, because they "Sell out pretty fast." The clerk told me..
I bet they do...I thought to myself, with visions ofyummy cream filled Milka reindeer dancing in my head...


Marie said...

I'm afraid I don't share your love of chocolate, but my husband would live on the stuff if I gave him half a chance.

He has his own little chocolate Advent calendar and he's like a kid every morning, opening the door to see what shape of chocolate he has for today. It's quite funny. Of course, if they made an Advent calendar with white chocolate, I'd need to buy him a dozen!

paula said...

Enjoy your calendar, every gorgeous little yummy sculpture for the next 21 days.
Yup, we're all advent calendar participants too. And advent wreaths, candles, spiced cider, mulled wine – well, all things festive and celebratory really.

FrauKlug said...

Marie=Dan would be next in line for the white chocolate calendars, he loves it.
No chocolate for you? Well that's okay, we all have our food likes and not likes. For me it's licorice flavored anything.Ughh..
Dan hates onions, which are in damn near every kind of recipe there is. It makes cooking fun..

Paula, I'm the same.All things festive and celebratory, it makes life rich and wonderful. I love mulled wine on a winter evening, while sitting by the fireplace..or out by the camp fire..