Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Twins=Finn(on top) and Ulrich Aka Oolie
Last summer, in early July, we rescued two brothers from a life of crime on the streets. They are now officially one year old, and while not big cats, packed full of rambunctious energy . Their odd little ways, and different personalities bring me hours of entertainment...
Oolie likes broccoli and will go to what ever ends he must to procure it...Finn fetches toy mice and brings them back to you, He will continue to bring them back when thrown until you get sick of playing the game. Somewhere I recall reading that the Egyptians trained cats to hunt game birds, so I suppose he is just presenting a latent skill, that if I were clever , would exploit in the feild..alas...Iam not that ambitious to go duck hunting with my Finn.

Alice, Queen of All
The twins share the digs with Alice, who is seen here looking gorgeous, and Ludwig,

Luwig, named after the Bavarian King..with Finn looking on..
Viggy is the best damn cat. He is rides around on Dan's shoulders, talks loudly, likes to complain about the food, the service, and the other guests, but is always happy to see YOU.
Why am I spending time posting my cats pics and bios?

Well things have been so grim here and slow I have nothing to report really blacksmithing wise.

There are not enough jobs coming in at all. Last week a client canceled their remaining project, and so we are staring down the real fact that we might lose our home, shop and all.
I wish I could be all" stiff upper lip" and brave about this but Iam being worn away like rock on the shore..


Anonymous said...

Heidi I'm so sorry - that really does sound scary. Is it really going to be so bad do you think? I hope with all my strength that something very positive turns up.
But your cats are wonderful and I love the names!
Thinking of you...lots.

FrauKlug said...

Thanks Paula! Your good vibes must be helping because an old client called us up and has some work for us, so the house is saved , at least for this month. That and everyone is pulling for us, and Iam doing my damndest to not be pessimistic, and think of this all as a test of my fortitude.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! And I love the hinges above too. I'm sure every ‘folksy nutball’ or ‘historical buff’ will put an order in for some personalised ones (very soon! and a great idea). What could be a better way of spending one’s money on an everlasting usable practical object? I mean we really use doors, like really use them.
Keep with the positive thoughts…