Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Life and blogging

Hey? What are you doing in there?

This blog is a bit of conundrum for me. I'd like to write more intimate details of my life, and thoughts, like a journal, but I always think I sound whiny when I do. I mean sure life is hard, but I'm not in hell. But still.

As for a strictly technical blacksmith blog, well...I'm really not nerdy enough to prattle on and on about crucial temperatures for forge welding, which fancy steel to use, or other terribly geeky things. I'm coming at this craft as a sculptor. Technical stuff bores me to tears for the most part. I do love good working tools, just not chatting on and on about them. When Iam around other smiths who can prattle on and on and on about such things I tend to drift off.
So, I need to think about what I want to do with this blog.
hmmmm..think I'll go feed the cats..


Alison said...

Feeding the cats is good, just ask them...

I also struggle with finding a balance between whingeing and falala on my blog. (Well not so much with the technical stuff at Acorn Cottage) Not sure anyone would want to see the roman shades I'm rassling with right now.

I'd love to see and hear more small tidbits of your life, but that is what my love of reading blogs is, to get a glimpse of the dailyness, the meals, or the new flowering thing, or a bit of the current project, or actual or imaginary friends.

Anonymous said...

I'd also love to know more about your life...my virtual pal over the pond.
I love hearing about your art and craft too, but it's the little snippets of dreams, aspirations, frustration and heartache that make it three dimensional for me!
And hey...we all have whinge days....