Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Year

Wow! I have not blogged in...oh...ages. Mostly I just have don't have enough to write about..
Only a few people read it, yes they are my freinds, and wonderful. Not for reading the blog, but for being awesome people. I have to admit wishing people liked my blog, and found me interesting enough to read it regularly, but pagan lady blacksmiths who swear and drink ale aren't popular.
Well, onwards.
We were in our local newspaper back in October, The Oregonian, here is the article.
Very fun, it brought us some new commissions, thank the Gods, but it isn't enought to keep us alive. Dan is hunting jobs in his field, archaeology, and Iam just trying to not be depressed 24 hours a day while I forge steel, working on the jobs we do have.
Life teaches us strength by trying to break us down, that's what I have come to learn. Either you completely break apart, or you rebuild yourself, stronger, wiser. It isn't easy, nor is it pleasant.

One of the "teachers" out there, for me, is an amazing woman who writes the blog "Milkweed and Teasle". Jennifer and her husband are survivors and thrivers, literally. I love reading about the life she shares with her husband as gamekeepers on an English estate. She and he have been through it, they make do and mend fences. They work hard and love their lives, exhausting as it can be. Iam grateful that she shares it with all of us, because it inspires me to not just give up on my dreams, and that yes, life is hard. But also wonderful.
She also has a cluttered house which I can relate to. :) No time for being Martha Stewart when you have work in the shop all day thanks..
Anyways check her out.

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Alison said...

y'know how they say that the things that don't kill us make us stronger, to which I always say "why the (bleep) do I need to be so gorram strong anyway!!" You are one of the strongest people I know, the process of gaining strength and wisdom is so hard. Love to you and yours from Acorn Cottage - we're all hanging on, paddling like mad as much as we all can...

I enjoyed reading the link you posted here by the way.