Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dragon Grill More Viking age fun..

Dragon, rough, fresh from forge.
I just finished this nice little Dragon Gill for a member of our Sons of Norway lodge, Grieg Lodge. Dan and I joined our local S.O.N lodge because we liked the people, and they didn't chase us away after we did a Viking age blacksmithing demo. Neither of us are Norwegian, maybe by invasion back in the Danelaw, but we both love Nordic culture, and Viking age history. Thanks to my many awesome Norwegian patrons I have done several of these dragon themed projects. Gates, fireplace screen, the one above , and now this grill.

Laid out on table, over original drawing
I draw out the design, on paper, or plywood, or the floor of the shop. Then I forge and sculpt the steel to do my bidding. I try to design with the limitations of steel and the laws of physics, but sometimes I forget and get carried away. This project was thankfully, easy, fun and creatively satisfying to build.

Close up
Since my clients family name is Thorsen, Son of Thor, he wanted to honor the God Thor some how. The central hammer reads, in English, but written in Old Norse runes, "Thor Bless".
I also wrote up a house blessing, and carved it into the dragons bodies with a chisel. It reads=
"Name sake Asa Thor, bless our hearth fire burning bright"

"Namesake" in runes

Heating Steel for Applying Finish
Using the torch to heat the steel so beeswax and oil can be applied. I use a mixture of bees wax, linseed oil, and turpentine for my finish. You heat the steel so the mixture will soak into the metal, leaving a warm, velvety finish.

Making sparks!
My awesome ability to measure twice and still screw it up, I had to grind off 1/8 of an inch to make it fit the space.

Finished Grill, all Done!
It turned out so nice, and I wish it was in my house! It is about three feet long, 6 inches high..I think..could be 9"..

Finished Grill in It's New Home
So, here it is, all nestled into it's new space!


Rachel said...

Just beautiful. you have very adept hands. There is something magical about taming a raw piece of "liquid iron" and watch it grow by your hand.
Thanks for sharing

Heidianne said...

Thank you for your kind words Rachel. I feel lucky to make art for a living, and have a trade /craft. It is challenging, but fulfilling. Hope spring is springing there, and thank you for dropping by!

Aaron-Paul said...

Looks amazing above the fire, excellent piece of work, i love the viking period, Im drawn to it, must have viking blood in me! they settled where i live here in East Angia in England lol

Aaron-Paul said...

Thats a an excellent piece of work, It looks great above the fire place, I love the Viking period I feel drawn to it, The ancient norsemen settled here in East Anglia England where I was born and live, integrating with the Anglo-Saxons, perhaps i have Viking blood in me!