Sunday, May 15, 2011

A year

Pa helping Dan at the Norse Hall
Well it was a year ago today(okay, it was a Sat. last year) that my step dad Charlie John passed over to heaven, Folkvang, Elysium, the After Life, the All that Is. Now while he was not my biological father(that was Nick) he was in every other way as beloved to me as a blood father could have been. He was my Dad, and I wish truly he could have been there even earlier in my childhood, but hey, he got me during my broody, moody hormonal teenage girl years. Bless his heart, and he also raised three other daughters before me. One who is his only biological child. He was a hard working man, was expert woodworker, and draftsman. He could build anything, and I mean anything.
He treated my mother like a damn queen, and I could never thank him enough for being such an amazing husband and friend to her.
I miss him, and I know he dwells in the heaven of his faith, with his ancestors. If there is Rainier beer in heaven I know he is drinking one. Hail Pa, we all miss you so much, but I know you watch over all of us.


Lily said...

What a beautiful tribute to your "Dad" - it certainly shows how much you loved him. I love your work - I worked as a draftswoman for 30 years and loved my job and also love the artsy thing. Your work is real beauty. Thank you for sharing. I only started blogging a month ago and am having fun, kinda like being in a huge library and reading all sorts or interesting material from all over the world. Perhaps you might peek at my blog sometime. Take care and Cheers

Heidianne said...

Thank You Lily!Iam dreadfully slow about checking my comments here! Blogging is fun, and it allows me to visit the world, traveling to places I can't afford to go to. Meeting some of the neatest people! Thanks for visiting.:)