Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Vine Hand Railing

All projects start out as sketches. On napkins, beer coasters, or in this case the shop floor.
This was drawn to scale, then transferred to a plywood board.

 Greenman Face
The finished rails, I need to get a shot of them installed, but we have all been busy, and so has the client.
Summer has blown by, we have been working, and I just find it harder to make time to blog.

The main branch is 1 inch  and a 1/4 solid round, it was drawn out using the power hammer, and my right arm wielding a 4lb mini sledge. 

    The tip of the vine was wrapped using an  torch, some tongs, and hammer. I heated the tip, and began to wrap it very carefully.Note big ugly MIG welds that need dressing...I would LOVE  TIG welder, smoother joins, and less clean up..
  Leaf and Vine
There is that mini sledge I use everyday as my regular hammer. There are a few more bits that went into these rails, the back plate for you can bolt it to the wall.

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