Thursday, March 06, 2008

Camping in Funny Clothes in the Snow

Camping in funny clothes in the Snow
Here Iam attempting to look like an explorer. I only need to be pointing off into the distance...
Actually, my buddy Wolf Woman snapped this when I was trying to take a breather.
It is pure conciendence that I look so posed, and heroic-ish. A testimony to her skill with the picture box.
This was taken high up on a volcanic ridge we named Bobcat ridge.
A couple of weeks ago the Hubbinator and myself met up with some groovy freinds for a good old fashioned Fur Trade Era rendezvous. Check out this page for one of the big rondies to see what it's about =
or our local event
The gathering we attended is a smaller affair, and is not a completely primitive event. Primitive meaning every person has to be in period attire, no modern nothing. Period. Tents made of canvas, clothes made of linen and wool and cotton, no rubber soles on them shoes either. Or you will be asked to change them. What seems like a pain in the ass is really a good thing, because you are transported back in time, and can get a sense of what life was like before..before this place was even a country. It is a history nerds(that would be me) dream come true.
But this event we attended two weeks ago is just a small local event. It is not primitive, more a camp out with black powder rifles , archery, and some of us in historical clothing.
You can wear polar fleece if you want to, but our camp will call you a pilgrim, or worse a tourist.
The location is deep in the high desert of Central Oregon, in a place called Millican. Horse Ridge is the actual site. It is a gorgeous place, juniper trees, sage, amazing red rock outcrops.
Coyotes howl at night, and so did we.

Warm inside the Tent
Our camp consisted of several good freinds, all re-enactors of some kind.
We had us , Wolf Woman, Mother Hen, Blonde Bear and Two Girls the fur traders. The nights were cold, so cold, but most of us have woodstoves inside our canvas tents, so there was a good warm and cozy place to escape the cold. Days we spent hiking in the warm sunshine, nights laughing by the fire.
A good amount of bullshitting did occur..

Fire and Ice
Those are not "orbs" in the above pic, that's a snowflake.
When we arrived at the site on thursday we found Wolf Woman building an elaborate stone fire back for our fire pit. She and MotherHen were yarding in big lava rocks to build it, filling the cracks with mud. They constructed while we set up our camp, and in no time they had the project done.
It was a work of art, and labor of love. Most of all ingenious.
It worked so well radiating the heat, that when the snow storm hit friday night we all stood out by the fire. The gently swirling falling flakes began to pile up around us, but we were warm and happy at the hearth.

The next morning I awoke and crept out of bed to see the entire world transformed into a snow scape. The sky was just turning a rose color as the sun came up behind the eastern foothills. All was still, and magical. The camp is ours, and inside the tent the Hubbinator is making coffee because he is so sweet. Soft fluffy white snow everywhere, the flakes sparkled in the dawn. I walked down the trail to explore, but the scent of bacon cooking in Wolf Womans tent lured me back to enjoy breakfast with the camp. Later that day we went for a long hike in the new snow, and that was when the pic of me on the rocks was snapped.
It was a good relaxed weekend with great freinds. We packed up on Sunday, reluctantly I might add, and returned to civilization.
It was like a tonic being out there having fun, I can't wait for the next adventure!

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