Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Spring is springing here at the forge. The robins are busy jousting one another out on the front fence. The male flickers are up early to drum out a tune on the roof. The testosterone is flying out there, and the girl birds look slightly wary of it all. All this groovy energy has me thinking and feeling about the things that make me feel vital in life. The elements of this earth walk that bring me joy, energy, passion and stoke my own inner fire.
One of those things is muscic although Iam not an MP3 geek. I am too cheap, and can't figure out how to burn a cd to save my life.
But I do dig internet radio, and praise to the odd free download. I can listen to music I like, over and over if Iam so inclined. Music I loved ages ago, music obscure, weird folk songs. Or New Wave hits from the 80's...
Like Roxy Music's "More Than This" or "Slave to Love".
I dug Roxy Music's album Avalon so much I wore out my cassette tape of it. Yes that's a cassette tape children, we had them back then, I even had a "Walkman". They have some in the Smithsonian museum if you want to see one. Along with a few Victrolas.
The thing is, if Iam having a crappy day in the shop my favorite 80's hits can bring me out of it.
Madonna especially. "Material Girl" or "Like a Virgin"..There I admit it.

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fjorlief said...

I must truly be a dinosaur, I actually have an ancient cassette player which I use to listen to cassettes and as a radio... of course, not all the cassettes still play well, and the on-off switch is broken, but the old music of my youth can still get me up and sometimes when all the curtains are drawn, I dance around in my living room !