Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Hot!

The month of May started cold, with hail, and snow, and lot's of rain. We were wearing sweaters last week this time. But not now. The current temp. is 91 degrees. The wind blows hot, the plants are drooping in the sun. Great for my hops which if you watch them, are actually growing an inch an hour. They love this weather. I do not. Sure I am a big fat wuss when it comes to heat. Some of my family comes from the sun drenched islands of Dalmatia on the blue Adriatic. My olive skin and long nose attest to this fact, BUT the other half of my family come from places that produce freckled, fair skinned folks. Britain and central Germany.
So while I love the warmer weather once it hits 80 Iam hot, bothered and sweaty.

Meanwhile, Iam crawling around on my knees doing a layout drawing for a gate. It's an art deco piece, for a truly lovely 1920's era manse. This is actually a pleasant job to work on , as the shop floor is cool, and Iam in the shade. But next week it's back before the fire, hot or not.

Friends ask us if we work when it hits 100, as it can here in the summertime. Well, yes and no. We work until we can't stand it, or we work in the early morning, take a break, and then return.
I know that blacksmiths all over the world where it is much hotter, work in far worse conditions temp wise. The ancient Greek and Roman artist's portrayed Vulcan/ Hephaestus in little more than short kilt and sandals as He worked. Or nekkid those naughty Hellenics.
Drawings of more mortal smithies show the men working nearly naked, and in 100 degree weather I can see why one would be tempted.

The thing is I stopped wearing shorts in the shop after I had a yellow hot peice of steel slip out of a vice and land on my leg. Ouch. I still have the scar.
So I prefer to roast away in long pants and leathers now.
Oh well back to the sweat box, and more drawing.

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