Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pa is home!

Yippie skippy, just a quick note to let ya'll know that Pa is back home. Thanks for all your love vibrations, good thoughts, lit candles, prayers, and the odd sacrifice of a bull to Thor. Oh heh heh..that was us doing the bull thing..bloody heathens...! Apparently(fingers and toes crossed) he is on the mend, the broken rib is healing, although he is in pain he is able to waddle around the house unassisted. So that's a good thing. Mom is just relieved to have him home. He was not doing well last week, and I half expected to fly home at a moments notice...

His cancer is confined to just the tumour, nothing in his lymph glands(yaaaa!). So, early Dec. he starts radiation therapy to shrink the cancer cells into a blackhole of nothingness. Sigh..
Well, that is excellent news!
Thank you all for your support with this, it has meant a million to me, as well as Pa .

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paula said...

Fantastic, wonderful news! I'm so glad for you all.
Huge hugs all round...