Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Autumn glory...blood sacrifices..

Raven stone in the golden leaves...

Autumn glory, not in some hidden wood...

It's in front of my Hut, in the backyard.
The above is my private retreat from all things annoying. I call it The Hut. It used to be a potting shed, way back when.Chased the massive spiders out. Scrubbed the wooden floors. I insulated it, sheet rocked the walls, installed power, and turned it into my retreat from dishes. Or shop work...Or the Hubbinator, much as I adore him. But we are together 24 hours a day, so sometimes a woman needs a break.
It's cozy and good. I draw in there, burn some incense, do yoga. ..listen to some Viking metal. It's also the guest house when folks stay overnight, it even has a heater.

It's wonderful to sit in the doorway, sip some tea and watch the song birds feasting at the feeders. I tried to get a decent shot of one of the hummingbirds who hang out all year, but the little bugger was waay too wise to my ways.
The trees around us are golden, red, burgundy, -in short fall is in full blast of color. The pics did not capture the brightness of the yellows..I love this time of year, even though I know winter will be a seemingly endless rain fest. -Which, has started in earnest since I took these pics.
It has been pissing rain for the last few days. hard as hell rain sideways, pelting straight down, beating the leaves off the trees...flooding in the side yard, endless mud..Then this morning we opened the shop to find that the roof is leaking, so up the Hubby went on the ladder to patch the holes. Seems fixed so far. The wind blasting, the rain, Dan says it's almost like Scotland, but not as cold. yet.
Still it's autumn and I love it. Even the pelting storm.
Okay now for the Blood Sacrifice..

Thumb +Grinder =Blood Sacrifice

Here at the smithy we take safety pretty darn seriously..but even we, trained professionals can have an accident creep right up and bite us on the ..thumb in the Hubby's case.
Sometimes power tools show us who is really boss, and this is what happened yesterday.
The Hubby was grinding welds with a hand grinder(see above blue gadget), the welds are in some tight spots, so he was valiantly trying to get at them. Apparently(I was in the house having a tea break...) the grinder decided it wanted human flesh so it tore a huge, gory gash in his thumb. Well they call that tool a hand grinder for a reason...

Blood, blood and blood. Throbbing pain, cursing and me trying to channel all the first aid training I have. He washed it, I bandaged it. So far so good. I told him if he wanted to get out of his turn at dishes, he only had to ask. This was waaay over the top..
Things are looking good today, no gangrene, but it does put the fear into you.
It's so easy when using power tools to be lulled into a trance..esp. when you are grinding welds for hours on end. Unfortunately this grinder can catch on an edge and whip itself out of your hands and into your lap.
I know, I have had one of these try to saw my chest in half length wise...I was pretty damn alert after that, yesir-ee!
He still isn't sure how it happened, but if the shop Gods wanted blood this week they got it.Iam just glad he has an attached thumb and not a nub.


alison said...

yeee-oowww! Glad to hear that no part of the body was dis-assembled! (I am grateful that most of my projects so far have required a smaller contribution of precious bodily fluids)

paula said...

Oh! That most certainly is a proper injury, bloody in all ways! Poor guy, I hope it's feeling better now (and he's back to the dishes!).
Love the hut, I'm envious, There's a beautiful old elm planked one on the farm - the old turkey shed - that I've always promised myself as hideaway; I think you've inspired me.

I just read about your dad too heidi - what can I say. Just a hug to you all which I hope will say more than words...

FrauKlug said...

Hey! Alison, things go on. Danny has promised not to try and kill himself one bit at a time
-Paula, Thank you so much, Iam extra slow in dealing with my blog. So The hug is accepted gratefully. The energy sent on to my Dad. The good news= He went for a stroll in the yard today, so that energy must have helped.
He is on the mend.
The turkey shed sounds like it would be a cool place to turn into a small studio. I like having a little tiny place that is mine. No dishes to stare at, bills looming on the desk, Dan's dirty socks or other reminders of working life. Just me, the song birds and some Mozart..oh and a cup of tea.