Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holy day baking

The Annual Grating of the Kidney Suet
Sunna's day was the big day for making the Yuletide Pudding. After gathering everything up, apples, booze, dried fruits, almonds, eggs, flour, spices and the shortening: good old fashioned beef kidney suet. Hard as marble, and fluffy as snow when grated. I have to go to the "good" butcher's shop to get it. The above is me grating it by hand, which is the start of the whole process. Around this time Madame Sandra arrived to help with the chopping, and prepping. As well as Sunday dinner, which involved smoked hamhock and yellow pea soup..MMmMMm!

Wish I could have afforded something a bit fancier in the rum dept. But we do have organic barley wine, and English stout. It was at this point the Hubby came in for a toast, and stir of the batter. We all took turns stirring and making wishes, pouring some good thoughts into the batter. Did it occur to any of us to take a picture?
So now it sits, the Pud, all steamed and waiting for the Big day!! Flame on!


Alison said...

Meyers Dark is what my Mom always uses for the holiday rum balls, the smell and the taste takes me back to when I was just a tadling...Hmmm must get some to make rumballs this year

elizabethm said...

I use suet in my Christmas pudding and in dumplings for stews and soups but have never grated my own! great picture.