Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Working along...

The above is the Bavarian sign started oh, ages ago, and along with other jobs trying very hard to be done. Today I cut out 100 little pieces of sheet steel for it. They will become the petals of hop cones. You see each little cut out peice had to then be cleaned up with a grinder, then they get hammer textured, a central hole drilled, then welded onto a pre-forged stem, each petal welded individually, then shaped into a hop cone.
Phew!So I stood in one spot, all the dang day, cutting steel with the plasma cutter, then grinding, grinding, grinding..Man am I tired!!!!
I'll get some pics tomorrow I promise, of what in the hell these things look like when done.
Maybe if I feel brave I'll be in them but lately I'm not feeling too foxy for pics. Mostly I feel tired, stressed out from the hardships of late, and this has translated in me looking like , well a tired, stressed out middle aged woman. Recent pics of me have been sobering, if not sob inducing for their horrible accuracy on the toll age is taking. That and my , umm girth.

Well meaning friends saying things like "No , really, you don't look THAT bad for a woman your age.." or " I think your beauty lies within." - do not help, trust me.
I might be a tomboy, but I do care what I look like.
Iam not ready to look like an 80 year old babushka, not yet anyways, Iam only 44!!! The girth part, well, Iam working on it. I admit to not being one of those beauty treatment mad kind of women, I try to wear sunscreen, I use facial scrub, but Botox? no.
I know, if I had just been more careful, didn't drink, ate only veggies, coated myself in goo each night before bed..
Maybe if I was wealthy lady I would just go get a face lift and have a month stay at some swanky spa to sort it all out.
Oh well, there are plenty of other waaay more important things to be worrying about, but sometimes a girl has to vent.


Rois said...

This is your fairly blunt Aries friend speaking to you so listen up,You don't look bad in person babe.A good to look at woman with inner beauty shining out what could be better?I am talking about you here.
Blame it all on lighting that's what makes a good photo.Trust me on this one ok?
love you Oddles

Anonymous said...

Oh I know how you feel...glimpses of a reflection, car mirror, caught unexpectedly in a photo...strangled cries "Is that me?" horrified as in the head one is still 25ish...an image crisis kicks one in the stomach. And whether blacksmith or farmer one still does not want to look like an ancient weathered crone. Not yet anyhow.
But I guess your friend is right here, fab photos all to do with photoshop and correct lighting, stylists, faffing around and have very little to do with the real person.
Though not much comfort when one’s feeling down I know...take heart. I don’t know the answer, but it kind of passes...and at the moment I’m in there with you kid! (ps didn’t I just say how fab you looked in the video....????)