Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dragon Screen

Hey! Remember that Dragon Fireplace screen from last year? No? I can't say as I blame you, I never followed up after I posted about the thing during production..I was not in a bloggy mood much last year, so here it is when I finished it in the fall. Sorry for the delay, I just got busy with everything else..
The Dragon Handles
Dan carved the heads on the handles, built the frame, I designed and forged the dragon on the screen, laid out the runes, and welded it all together.

Handsome Mr. Dragon
When it was finished it weighed like 100lbs..The thing is huge, and the clients don't even have the fireplace built for it yet..Knowing the folk who ordered it, I think this was a commision of mercy, as we were truly hurting financially at the time (still are) . Charity, no, honest pay for honest work yes. I was born in the wrong time, I need a wealthy jarl,to hire me to make this kind of thing for his high status hof..


Alison said...

would that I had a fireplace, and the money to have you two build me fire furniture... That is a spectacular piece of work

BeadWhisperer said...

WOW! Very impressive.

Heidianne said...

Thank you both! Well, I wish I could afford to hire you for your work too.:) Wealthy patrons, we all need wealthy patrons!
Thank you so much BeadWhisperer,it means alot to hear that. We arteests need to be reminded once in a awhile that we don't, like ya know..suck.:)

Karen Lewis said...

I want something awesome like this for my fireplace!!! Love to buy one from you :)