Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unearthing Photos

Grinding Away the Excess
Here are some pics of a nice little project I did awhile back, I just unearthed them, while trying to track down pics of recent work, so I can upload them to our website. However due to both of us being the types who "Make piles of paper" rather than "Fill files and label". I can't find a damn thing in our photo files, as they are not labeled accurately.This means a file labeled 1/11/2011 , Might just be all about our cat being cute , OR it could contain photos of a finished handrail. Or pics of Dan posing in in his kilt at the Highland Games, or all three...Until I open the files I have screwed myself for knowing fo'sure what's in the files...Due to my lack of left brain organisy-ness.
Namesake Thor
So, Here is a detail of the little Viking age Dragons that I made into a fireplace vent grill...The runes are an inscription. It asks for the God Thor's continued protection and blessings on the family who commissioned the piece. Their last name started with Thor, and they are of Swedish descent, so they wanted to thank Thor for watching over their family line so well. I ask for forgiveness at this moment from any professional runologists out there, this was my humble use of Elder Futhark to spell modern English words....grammatically right or wrong, the clients were happy!

Mjollnir, It says"Thor Bless"

This was during the coloring and application of the beeswax mixture.

Cooling on the table, ready for install!

In situ
The clients were thrilled, and it looks so good in their home!They also ordered a drinking horn stand for the mantle. They are proud of their heritage as Scandinavians. I swear, if all I did was forge Dragons I would be very happy indeed! I would love to work on someones hunting lodge, and build hinges, chandeliers, etc...all in the Viking art style...


Hunter said...

Excellent looking work. The details make the piece. The attention to those small details of fit and finish mean the finished art will be truly artful.

elizabethm said...

I love your dragon! We are keen on our dragons here in Wales!

Heidianne said...

@Elizabethm,Iam glad you love them too, I need to make a Welsh dragon now, all these Viking dragons, time to branch out, :)
@Hunter, thank you for the compliment, yes it is the details.
Thanks for visiting!