Thursday, May 10, 2012

More railing..

The flowers have 6 steps in the process to becoming "done".

Stacks of flowers....Bunches of branches,leaves galore...
This project is eating me alive! Branches, vines, leaves, all of it has to be looked at and place in an aesthetically pleasing way..I can't just weld it on, it has to look right, and fill gaps.
I truly do not want a job this big again. Not with my back anymore, I can't do this work fast enough for clients..


Chelle said...

Hello my dear :)

I have to say it is coming along great and I can almost imagine the finished piece. May you find your strength to "forge" through and then rejoice in the finished peice.

The client needs to understand that truely beautiful art takes time :)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hej Ladysmith,,,
I am feeling left out, You need to treat us to another update of your artistic doings. H.A.