Saturday, October 27, 2012


School has me in it's clutches, which is good.  I realize I am just not a devoted blogger.  The bummer is that all the interesting folks who's blogs I read don't read mine.  I admit to being jealous of people who have amazing lives, and that mine is duller than old milk paint on a fence. oh well, I m off to get my degree, forge a little, and lead my  life. Bye!


Alison said...

Heya Heidi - I read your blog every time you write something here. I certainly do not think that your life is dull at all, I figure you are so busy living it that you do not stop to write about it online...

Myself on the other hand, has nothing better to do than blather about my everyday doings, and take pictures of everyday things; if I had a life I wouldn't spend half as much time online... But really, for me, blogging is a hobby that I enjoy, but it is not a hobby that everyone enjoys. As far as I can tell, there are maybe four or five folks who read what I write, but I don't care, I write for me.

I am totally impressed that you have gone back to school, and was delighted to hear about how well you did on your midterms.

Anonymous said...

You still have a Blog Fan Club,
Good luck with School