Sunday, August 25, 2013


Howdy do all! Well here is the big vine railing installed several months ago. It took 6 men, and a crane to get it up there. I was in school, so I missed that fun installation, but it fit perfectly. I owe that success to careful mock up building in the shop, and making sure we took lots of measurements.

Summer has been fun, camping, seeing friends, and working on a smaller railing for the same contractor. I am also preparing for school this fall, I will begin taking course at PSU, higher level core classes. I was accepted into the Honors Program since I had a 4.0 for for my freshman year  at CCC. Yep, a solid straight A for my first year in college. Iam still in shock, so is my Mom.

Summers heat has given way to a wonderful cloudy, rainy, warm day here in Oak Grove.
I spent today picking apples off the mystery tree; I filled every container I had with delicious apples of this unknown variety. It looks like a Gala, but is more tangy sweet. Great for all cooking, or hand eating. I originally found this tree as a sapling,  growing in the shade of our maples in the front yard way back when we first moved in here. I transplanted it to the back yard. It along with two other apple trees, have since flourished. The other two fruit every other year, but this one is annual.

So, I have to get it going on in the fruit processing dept. since I have no cold storage, and they won't keep well: they all have worms in their hearts. I just didn't spray, or put little socks on the fruit to keep out the bugs. Next year I swear, I will be a better orchardess.
 See ya later!

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Alison said...

How excellent to read how well things are going for you! Yay for successful big projects, Yay for straight A's, and yay for apples to process. Let me know if you can use an extra Foley mill to borrow, or if there is any other way I can be of help