Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Worky worky work..

Work! I don't sit down to blog much, and the main reason is work. That and my back killing me if I sit. Oh did I mention the back injury? Well, it seems two of my discs are trying to eject themselves into my spinal cord. That explains why Iam in pain 99% of the time. Degenerative disc disease, which is a nice way fo saying I'm wearing out.
Oh well, life goes on. Work eats up my energy, and at the end of the day Iam too exhausted to write, or rather to be clever.
What's new? Iam currently building/sculpting hazelnut trees. Big 8 foot long trees, for the handrails on a porch. 12 panels of them.Due by the first of December, they are lovely. BUT the deadline looms...
I dream about them, or rather not meeting the deadline, and awake feeling a dreadful terror..and my back hurting like hell.
I have net hard deadlines before. I can only do my best.
One thing though, this fall has been gorgeous. The trees are amazing, I stand in my shop door and am in awe of the trees, the sunlight pouring through the yellow leaves, the red maples , all of it. They lift my spirits, and I forge ahead.

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