Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yuletide cometh..

Yuletide is coming, the days are short, dark by 4:30 ish. We have had plenty of frosty nights, and even snow. Okay it didn't stick down here by the river, but it did show up long enough to get me excited about the season.
I love Yule.
Yuletide for me is about tradition, family, and ritual.
Ritual is important to me , especially the culinary rituals of holy days.
Take Christmas pudding.
It is so simple yet so involved. I gathered all the ingredients, figs, cherries, almonds, etc..weeks ago. I beseeched my favorite butcher for his best suet, the good kind. The hard white suet that is almost fluffy when you grate it.
I bought organic barley wine and thick black stout. I gathered everything together along with the biggest bowl I own, then I asked my dearly departed Grandmothers for guidance and got started.
It all went well, the Hubby came in and gave it a good stir for luck. We shared a big smooch to add extra oomph to it. Then into the pot it went to steam away. After coming in to check on it every so often it seemed done, at the appointed time.
So now it's all cooked and wrapped up neatly, awaiting dinner on the big day.
Next up are all the German cookies..chocolate pretzles, hazelnut spritz , crescents, shortbread...
But tommorrow is more smiting of steel..baking is later this weekend.

2 comments: said...

a woman after my own heart! Here too I've been a-gathering and a-stirring with much the same ingredients as you, though no snow this side of the pond and precious little frost. Today the heavens opened and it has deluged non stop, very warm as well. Back to the festive preparations...

ps I think your ironwork is stunning

paula said...

still having a bit of a problem to get the link. On a friend's blog she has a 'choose identity' choice - google/blogger or other. She uses the same web host as you. Have you this option?