Friday, November 30, 2007


Things are chuggin along on my latest project. The tree panels take about three days each to complete, and sometimes this sort of production work gets , well...boring. I'm standing there waiting for a piece of steel to heat. I'm staring into the fire, listening to the roar of the blower. It is almost trance inducing. That's when I feel the urge to draw, or doodle on my work table. Or the floor of the shop using a piece of soapstone chalk.
Usually it's birds, horses, trees, little scenes from nature.
Like the wolf over there on the left.
So I think that the waiting trance opens up my mind to being able to just draw. Without any self criticism, or worry "it's not good". My chattering left brain shuts up long enough to let the creative right side have at it.
Sometimes when I sit at my drawing table with a fresh sheet of paper laid out before me, I choke up. Mind foes blank, I get fidgity, can't come up with a thing.
I once read that this was called "Fear of the white page", something artists and writers both experience, it seems to be a part of the creative process. Pain in the butt is what I think.
It's just so hard to set aside a time to draw for pleasure. If it isn't for work I somehow feel guilty at drawing just to draw. Iam happy for my spirit, my heart, for my sanity the art comes out anyways.

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fjorlief said...

the wolf is gorgeous...I love the style of your drawings, and I'm looking forward to visiting