Saturday, January 19, 2008

Turkey Showdown On a Lonely Road

"Is that a dog?"

Recently we took a disposable camera in to have the contents developed. This camera has been knocking around inside our truck for just about a year now.
We had forgotten what was on it, and so our curiosity was happily surprised when we took a peek at the pictures contained therein.
There was the odd assortment of pictures from a Viking reenactment we attended. A Mountain Man campout last Feb. in 17 degree weather...But wait! At the end of the roll were three special pictures.
Could it be?
Yes..I had forgotten we took photos of him.
Yet here he was, in all his glorious might, Mr. King of the Road.
Standing tall and challenging everyone to a fight who dare cross his path on that lonely stretch of road. It all came back..
We , The Best Freind, Hubby, and I, on a lovely day in early spring, were out for a drive in the country.
The back roads are the best to view the flora and fauna, to find an old farm to admire. Maybe stop and take a stroll. We were cruising down (well, if 25 MPH can be called cruising) a particularly lovely farm road, when my Friend said
"Hey, Look at that dog in the middle of the road! Isn't he odd looking?"
I was in the back seat, so I had to lean forward between the seats to get a better view of the "Dog" who was standing tall in the middle of the road, apparently prepared to stop all traffic.

"Yeh, he is really weird looking.. He isn't going to get off the road it looks like." says I.
The Dog was now marching about, back and forth, making an odd sound.

"No.." Says The Hubby. "That's not a dog..." Drawing closer He brought the truck to a complete stop about 10 feet from the "dog", who was in actuality a Tom Turkey. In full territorial display challenging our truck to a duel. It was spring after all, and this was His stretch of road.

"You Shall Not Pass!"

We sat in the truck, listening to his manly gobbling. He strutted quite impressively all the while, puffing up, flexing his wings and dragging the tips of his feathers on the ground to make a
loud, ruffling sound. After a few minutes of this the Hubby decided to roll the truck ever so slowly forward. We watched as Mr. Turkey moved aside, puffing up to what I assumed was full parade dress for a turkey. It was then that the Hubby saw the cause of Good Sir Turkey's display of manhood.

"His Lady Fair"
A lady turkey stood down in the ditch beside the road, her plumage of red and cream was quite lovely, she was pretty as far as turkeys go..I suppose. Mr. Turkey was digging her, enough to stand down a Nissan truck.
The Hubbinator snapped some pics of the lovely couple while we marveled at Mr. Turkeys bravery, and hoped that Mrs. Turkey was sufficantly impressed with his virility.
We drove off to enjoy the rest of our drive, I assume they made lots of little turkeys last spring.
We have decided to try and find the road again, to see if He's still king of the road.

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