Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yuletide and wassailing

Hey ho!
Well, Yule came and went, the Solstice was glorious, friends and family gathered to celebrate. Ma and Pa arrived to celebrate this year, and stayed for 8 days.
We had a bonfire on the Solstice proper,with feasting and making merry until late into the evening.

Then came the build up to Christmas day, shopping , running around trying to get everything done before the big day. Geez!
My daily walk kept me sane, and my shitty back at bay.
All turned out just fine,with all the shopping done, family having a great visit, and the goose cooked.
We had a wonderful Yule, the pudding of infamy turned out excellent. Almost had a little pyrotechnic excitement when the brandy I was only warming burst into flames a bit prematurely, but hey, that was all part of the show!
Note to self=I need to forge up a special ladle for next years that keeps the warmers hand far away from the flames.
The family departed, New Years arrived, and here we are.
Time for the Wassailing of the orchard this upcoming weekend, and our annual birthday party for the Hubby, known as the Capricorn party.
We have it turns out , many, many friends who are all born under the sign of the Goat. So the Husband decided to pitch a big whing-ding for all of them, "It's just a practical idea, and saves money." Spoken like a true Capricorn says I.
We all troop out to the orchard, singing, hooting, making noise, and ask for the orchard to be fruitful and wake up the land. The children hang toast in the branches of the apple trees, and we pour out mulled ale onto the ground. After that we all retreat to enjoy the evening around the bonfire.
I hope this year it snows, that would be lovely.
Wassail, or "Good Health to you!"

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