Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wassailing and colds

The wassailing went marvelously. Thirty some people marched out into our orchard, singing and shouting. We gathered around in a circle as the night began to creep in. The earth beneath our feet was muddy and squishy after weeks of rain. Happily, the rain held off all afternoon as folks gathered to celebrate the Capricorn birthdays and to wassail our trees.

We made toasts, and drank wassail. Each person taking a drink of the mulled ale, then shouting
To which the gathered friends responded
"Drink hail!"
Everyone drank a draught, the wassail bowl carried around the circle. When the last person drank, that would be me Frauklug, we all let out a great cheer. Then off to the warmth of the house, to enjoy a lovely feast by the fire. Some hung out beside the bonfire in the back yard, others stayed inside. Laughter and good cheer all around. It was a glorious good time had by all.

The only hitch in my giddy up was the cold I could feel creeping on. My day started with that odd, stuffy feeling. The first sneezes, that you hope are just from using the dusty shop-vac ..but then the sort of dizzy, sleepy feeling kicks in. More sneezing. In your heart you know, it's a cold coming on. No mistaking.
So I hoped no one noticed I sounded more congested as the evening wore on, or that I disappeared to lie down for a bit while party went on. I tried to be brave, but around 9pm I had to go to bed. The cold won, so I just let it go and run it's course for four days.
The little cold bugs seem to be done now, and that's fine. Time to get out in the shop, where I have not been for a week.

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