Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy birthday to me..

The Arteest at Work
The above was taken two days before my 43 birthday. Since the 13th was my birthday that wasn't so long ago. I have to admit liking this photo alot. Not being photogenic in the least, I hide from cameras most of the time, so being kitted out as Iam for work or battle with the forces of The Empire(That's Darth Vader's evil empire, not our current administration as some of you may be thinking) is fine by me if it saves my lungs.
Since Pa has been diagnosed with lung cancer I decided it might be good idea to take my own lung health more seriously. I have never smoked, but welding off gases some evil stuff, and grinding metal makes for metal dust. I figured it was best to spend the money and get a decent filter mask, why tempt fate?
If I can cut down on some of the crap in my lungs that's a good thing.

Cold Concrete

What with the financial crisis, the impending Election, the high cost of everything, and our present lack of cash flow, it is easy to forget the good things in life we do have.
Things are grim out there, but Iam determined to not forget that things could be much worse, and that my life isn't nearly as bad as it seems sometimes. Sure Iam not rich and powerful, but Iam well off in so many other ways. Not being ethnically cleansed, and living in a Red Cross tent come to mind as major things to be grateful about.
Iam grateful for my wonderful Hubbinator, My Family, the fertile land, the blue sky above. Good friends.

This years birthday came and went. Too much work to finish in the shop so we stayed home. No Hood River trip.
Some good friends came by for drinks and dinner the day before. Wonderful well wishing from some amazing freinds far and near. I ate chocolate cupcakes , had a cheese burger the size of a dinner plate...sweet potatoe fries..plenty of good German bier. good.
It was a good day all in all. Mellow and gentle...more later but now I have to get to work.


fjorlief said...

Oh happy happy birthday my dear friend...Yup we've all got lots to be grateful for...I told the cashier at NS that I was doing okay, got enough work that I can afford food, got a roof over my head and hot running water, and nobody shooting at is good.

Hope to see you soon!


I like your blog, looking forward to your future updates.

paula said...

The best of birthday wishes and thoughts from across the water heidi. I'm sorry you didn't get your Hood River trip, but dinner with friends can be even more special.
May the force be with you!

Reaver said...

Heidikins! Happy Birthday, dearest delver of the sooty magic! May your Samhain be as magical and mysterious as possible.