Thursday, October 02, 2008

Well it's cancer then..

After a few invasive and gruesome sounding tests( needle biopsy=big needle, through the chest, snip out a piece of lung tissue....)
the results have come back=
My Dad indeed has lung cancer. It's in his upper left lung.
The test that tells us if it's spread to any other part of his body won't come back for a few days..until then he has to heal up from the pneumonia that could have killed him. The illness that sent him to the hospital in the 1st place, and which, in a weird twist of providence, led to the discovery of the tumor.
On top of all that there is his collapsed lung from a post biopsy coughing fit. So until he gets better...we wait and see what's next..What the test says about any other cancer will determine the battle plan as it were.

My mother is being the strong and awesome woman she is about all this. I of course hung up the phone and cried like a , well like a woman who has just found out her father has cancer.

He is home tonight, sleeping in his own bed.
My Mom is tired, the concerned phone calls, the family members dropping by to see him. The whole drama of going to the hospital every day, wondering if he had cancer or not.
Being a nurse for 42 years she knows the drill. She cared for her father when he had lung cancer.

I know that Dad is not at death's door ..well, not now that the pneumonia is under control. Yet I know there is so much more to come, diagnosis wise, treatment wise, all of it.
I'll be strong and positive for my Pa, but tonight I'm a daughter who needs to take it all in..
Okay everyone , go tell your loved ones you love them.
Oh, and quit smoking.
Right now. Iam not kidding.



Alison said...

Oh Heidi.. I send you hugs, and strengthening wishes to your Pa. Hang in there. I can't think of anything helpful I can offer, but if you just need a friend to talk to I'm always here...

Leanne said...

that choked me up. sending blessings to yuo, and to your dad

Leanne x

FrauKlug said...

Thank you both for your kind wishes and blessings.It means so much, and Hello Leanne, and welcome!
Things are chugging along, and Dad is doing pretty well. No cancer any where else in his body, that is good news!So next step is surgery, but it's kinda of tricky..the cancer is in a tight spot in his lung..Good wishes shall be passed on to Pa!